Wiglaf Miniatures is my small (one-man) company producing a range of 18mm metal wargaming miniatures for my favourite period: the British Dark Ages or Early Medieval Period. I’ve written several sets of wargaming rules and countless magazine articles covering this era, and have finally decided to produce my own miniatures range too. I’m hoping that other gamers will be just as interested as I am.

I’m working with my favourite sculptor, Mark Copplestone (who also has a keen interest in this period), to produce high-quality models that I’m proud to deploy on the tabletop. Mark’s own superb range of fantasy Barbarica miniatures are really eye-catching and in my opinion they are the best small-scale range I’ve seen to date. His work for Wiglaf Miniatures is in a very similar style.

“15mm”, “Big 15s”, “18mm”, “1/100th”, call them what you wish, but I think of Wiglaf Miniatures as “travel-sized 28s” due to their level of detail. I’m delighted to have Mark working on the range with me!

My first release is The Age of Penda: Seventh Century AD Anglo-Saxons. This range is designed for the wars of Mercia and her enemies, and will expand to include other named leaders, Vendel, Welsh and Irish warriors, and cavalry.

One last thing: I’ve written a new set of rules to celebrate the launch of Wiglaf Miniatures: they’re called Age of Penda, and you can find out more by clicking here.

Thanks for looking at Wiglaf’s offerings, I think they’ll look grand in your great hall.

Daniel Mersey


PEN01Warlords & Followers (1)  8 models including Penda of Mercia and Raedwald of East Anglia, 2 standard bearers, and 4 armoured warriors from PEN02.
PEN02Armoured Warriors12 models, assorted poses.
PEN03Unarmoured Warriors12 models, assorted poses.
PEN04Skirmishers12 models, assorted poses with javelins and bows.
Please note that you’ll need to supply spears and standards for open-handed miniatures, but shields are cast on. Models listed as “assorted poses” are supplied as a random mix from those shown.


This website is currently a preview of the range. There will be a direct link to the distributor’s shop here when the range is available from them (expected early 2022). In the meantime, if you have any questions you can contact me using the link at the bottom of this page.


I sell packs of wire spears via eBay.co.uk. Search for: WM 50mm spears or click here. Alternatively, drop me a line using the form at the bottom of the page.


Rather than producing generic ‘Anglo-Saxons’, I’ve launched Wiglaf Miniatures so that I can focus on specific themes, beginning with the seventh century AD. I find this period really fascinating, but have struggled to find miniatures that have the look I’m after.

The seventh century is a great period for wargamers to get stuck into, with plenty of battles, famous warlords to lead your armies, everyone fighting everyone else (and also providing allies for one another), and the emergence of a fledgling written narrative. I’ve put together a short reading list if you’d like to find out more, and some design notes on the current and future range.

The poses are variations on a theme, which allows for the right level of uniformity I’m after in my own tabletop armies – the look of a cohesive force at the ready.

I’m lucky to have had support not only from Mark Copplestone, but also from the talented James Morris of Mogsy Makes, who has painted some of the miniatures shown on this website. If you’d like to submit photos for inclusion in the gallery, drop me a line!


If you’d like to get in touch about the range, please email me HERE. All sales queries should be addressed to my distributor via the “How to order” section above.

Content and range copyright © Daniel Mersey 2021